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Troo Home Staging

Marie Rios is an accredited Staging Professional in the Austin area with over 10 years of experience. Marie has always had an eye for decor, but became interested in interior design with a focus on staging while living in Toronto, Canada in 2006. This great passion lead her to study at the Art Institute of Toronto. In 2008 Marie received her certification from Canadian Staging Professionals, (CSP) where she began her staging career. Instantly, Marie was in high demand working with top stagers in the bustling city of Toronto.

In 2012 Marie partnered with Austin’s highly reputable interior designer Patrice Rios in the HGTV’s “Buying and Selling” with the Property Brothers. She worked closely with HGTV producers as well as the Property Brothers to complete each project to the highest level. In 2013 Marie began staging and consulting full time in Austin TX, working with many realtors and builders.

Marie believes there is never a second chance to make a first impression when walking into a home for the first time. Therefore, focusing on space, functionality and features of a house so that prospective buyers can envision themselves in is the utmost importance to her.

Marie has staged well over 2,000 homes for the past 10 years. She is an experienced professional home stager who has a passion for home design!


Staging Services


For Occupied Homes

I will visit the home and consult every room of the house including the exterior areas and garage with the homeowner. The homeowner will take notes during the consultation to refer back to and to help get the home ready for photos. I will point out what furnishings should be moved or removed or placed somewhere else in the home. If any artwork is hung too high I will show the homeowner where it should be placed. I will also show the homeowner how to utilize the bedding and fold towels. During the consultation, I will point out any areas of the home that may need repairing, painting or cleaning. The consultation takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the home. I will recommend purchasing some accessories or furnishings if necessary.


For Occupied Homes

During this consultation, I will go through the home with the homeowner, take photos and discuss any items that should be moved or removed. I will forward a detailed written report via email to the homeowner and provide a copy to their real estate agent. I will recommend purchasing some accessories or furnishings if necessary.


After I have consulted with the homeowner and all changes recommended have been completed I will schedule the staging dates. Staging will take approximately 1-2 days to complete. During staging, I will rearrange furniture, hang artwork, and place accessories. Shopping is provided if additional items are needed and homeowner approves.


I will visit the property and provide a written proposal with the cost for staging. Typically, I will stage the living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, master bedroom and bathrooms. Upon acceptance of proposal I will forward a staging agreement and begin the design planning. The inventory, artwork and accessories are carefully selected to compliment the style of the home.


This type of service is provided to homeowners who may need help decorating and rearranging their own furniture and accessories. Shopping is also provided upon request. After consulting the home with the homeowner I will design plan a look and discuss the needs that appeals best to the homeowner. Redesign utilizes the furnishings and accessories that already exist in the home.